Women's Running checks in after The Running Event to share some of the coolest products we saw that'll hit shelves in 2019.

At this year’s The Running Event, an annual trade show that took place this year in Austin, Texas from November 27-30, Women’s Running‘s editors got the scoop on several new products expected out for release in 2019. Browse through the images below to get a sneak peek on what the running community has to look forward to next year!

The Running Event 2018 - Hydrapak
Hydrapak, which makes hydration “ingredients” for your favorite running packs (including The North Face, Nathan and Patagonia), is coming out with the first of its kind insulated reservoir to keep your water cooler on runs. It uses double-wall construction and open cell foam technology to prevent sweating and keep your body heat from warming up your drink—it keeps beverages cold 38 percent longer than other reservoirs. Sold in the Velocity 1.5L reservoir ($38) and the 500 milliliter UltraFlask ($27), both will be available starting in spring 2019. All Hydrapak products come with a lifetime warranty and are BPA-free.
The Running Event 2018 - Ultimate Direction
You will no longer need to think about bringing along hydration as an accessory—Ultimate Direction is launching a new line of technical running apparel with built-in belts that hold 300-milliliter bottles so that you can bring your hydration on any run, year-round. It’s sold in two types of shorts (loose with a tight liner and a skin short), 3/4-length tight and a tank. The built-in belt is adjustable to make sure you can find a bounce-free fit, and it also has additional storage that can accommodate, say, your phone, keys and a gel or two, so you don’t have to worry about bringing along extra accessories. The line of apparel will be available starting in February.
The Running Event 2018 - Salomon
Expected out in February or March, Salomon’s Speedcross 5 offers a few incremental updates to the Speedcross line. This new trail shoe will feature a slightly wider base and new placements for the lugs, both changes of which are intended to provide more stability and better control when running on wet or mucky terrain. The vacuum-sealed upper also adds durability for changing weather conditions to keep the feet protected.
The Running Event 2018 - Uglow
We’re always on the lookout for cool new reflective gear—and we were really excited to stumble across Uglow, a reflective running and lifestyle apparel company based in France that’s been making seam-free products with magnetic detailing for comfort and ease of use since 2011. Replacing zippers with magnetic strips allows for easy access to pocketed nutrition and the ability to quickly discard a jacket mid-run. Though not specifically waterproof, the jacket is quick to dry and surprisingly lightweight, making it a solid outer layer option for days with unpredictable weather.
The Running Event 2018 - Buff
Buff’s DryFlx line is already popular among runners for its bright colorways, ease of use (each DryFlx product can technically be worn in 14 different ways) and four-way stretch, but in 2019 the company is boosting its reflectivity game with a new design that can only be seen when bright light hits the material. For those who run before dawn or after dark, this new headpiece is a fun, creative way to stay safe and warm.
The Running Event 2018 - RXBar
RXBar is applying its clean ingredients tradition to a new kind of athlete fuel in 2019: nut butter. Featuring the same short ingredients list as the brand’s popular bars and 9 grams of protein in every spreadable packet, the nut butters will come in just two flavors to start (Honey Cinnamon Peanut Butter and Vanilla Almond Butter), though we’re betting that more flavors will be made available in the years ahead.
The Running Event 2018 - Hoka One One
Hoka One One has a few exciting shoe announcements to make in the coming months, but one we’re curious to hear more about is the Clifton 6, expected out next fall. Though updates to any given established shoe line often come in small steps, this shoe provides a fairly significant update to the Clifton line, with new durability in the toe, a reengineered mesh upper and altered lug placement. The shoe also weighs a little less than the Clifton 5 (the 6 weighs in at 7.4 oz. for a standard women’s size 7, while the 5 was 7.6 oz.) and features embroidery on the upper that’s as much a structural design technique as it is a style choice.