Run-Nerd Awards: Best Headphones

Find out which headphones are our favs in our first annual Run-Nerd awards.

Of course, the beauty of running lies in its simplicity. All a runner girl really needs is a pair of shoes and open road. But sometimes she wants a fun gadget to up her workout game. In our first annual Run-Nerd Awards, we gathered the best gadgets to help you geek out on your run. First up- the best headphones.


Hot features: These sweat-resistant headphones have the highest quality sound we tested. The earpieces are pliable and soft, and they come in different sizes with “StayHear” tips to prevent slippage.

Cool extras: Includes a Reebok armband that fits a smartphone. And you can adjust the volume and take calls via the headphones.

Best fit for: Music aficionados who want light earbuds that disappear in the presence of distortion-free beats.


BEST HYBRID: Sony Sports MP3 Player

Hot features: These full-service earbuds have a built-in mini music player.

Cool extras: Completely waterproof design means you can swim to the sounds of Phish or Billy Ocean.

Best fit for: These suction right into your ears, so they are best for runners who favor the treadmill or other car-free environments where you don’t need to hear ambient sounds.


BEST WIRELESS: Jabra Sport Wireless+

Hot features: Jabra’s headphones connect via Bluetooth for music on the go. The seven different fit options allow you to find the best one for you.

Cool extras: These babies come with an FM radio, so you can shed the extra weight of your music player if you choose.

Best fit for: Speedsters bothered by chords won’t have to slow down with wireless.


BEST EARBUDS: Yurbuds Inspire Pro

Hot features: Designed to fit securely into ears of all sizes, these buds have excellent sound quality with no bleed—so everyone else on the track doesn’t have to know you’re running to Ashlee Simpson.

Cool extras: The earbuds may seem not-so-soft at first, but they’re made to avoid your ear’s sensitive areas once they rotate in place.

Best fit for: Runners frustrated by buds that fall out mid-run.