Run Nerd Award Honorable Mentions

These 5 gadgets were very deserving runners-up in our gear awards!

run brag honorable mentions

We bestowed our Run Nerd Award on 10 new fitness gadgets. Check out our awards winners here. But these gadgets deserve a shout-out too! These are our Run Brag Honorable Mentions.

GoPro Hero4
Hot features: Improved image quality, high-resolution video, time lapse and night vision make this the ultimate sports-girl video camera.
Best fit for: The outdoor adventure seeker looking to capture everything, from a breathtaking trail run to an epic surf sesh.

JVC HA-ETR40 Extreme Fitness
Hot features: Control the volume and pause music by simply clicking a button on the headphones’ cord. Be careful—if you don’t choose the “open” earpiece, the ‘buds will block noise  and may prevent you from hearing street sounds. One tester didn’t hear the ambulance coming up behind her!
Best fit for: The treadmill runner who wants a simple pair of comfortable, quality earbuds.

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Magellan Echo Fit Sports Watch
Hot features: This lightweight watch links up to most fitness apps on your phone and gives you real-time tracking as well as music control on the watch.
Best fit for: The techie runner who normally carries a phone but doesn’t want to take it out to check stats mid-run.

Perfect IQ
Hot features: This simple fitness tracker displays your current stats and offers a 24-hour calorie burn formula that resets each day so you can easily see progress.
Best fit for: The cost-conscious techie looking to take more steps during the average day and track general health.

TomTom Runner Cardio
Hot features: The monitor displays distance, overall time, pace and calories during your run. Plus—it keep tabs on your heart rate and allows you to select a zone for your workout intensity: fat burn, speed or endurance.
Best fit for: The athletic chick who wants to see how many calories she’s scorching during a specified run—while making sure she’s putting in the right amount of effort.

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