We'll help you pack everything you need for race day.

Bag Bonus- The duffel has a hidden laundry bag to stash sweaty clothes!
The single most important thing (maybe after your shoes) to wear on race day.
Use it before the race or take this handheld with you!
Be the girl who lends, not borrows!
Look fast and fly while protecting those eyes!
 Caffeine is a proven  (and legal!) performance enhancer. Drop a tablet in water to give your pre-race bevy a little kick.
The perfect comfy shirt for post-race.
A little bolt of blueberry energy is great before and during the race.
Tricked out watches are great for training, but on race day stick to a simple, no distractions device.
These snack bars make it easy to get that essential post-race protein fix.
Keep this pretty little mantra close to your heart.
By the finish line, your well-fitting shoes can feel two sizes too small. Free your footsies post-race with extra-wide sandals!
No one wants burnt legs. Load up on sunscreen before you run,

Not sure what gear, nutrition and clothes you need to pack on race day? First start with a great duffel. Then start adding from our pick of race-day essentials. We’ve got everything you need to survive a 5K/marathon/zombie apocalypse. Take a look through our Race-Day Survival Kit Gallery.

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