Jogging Stroller Reviews

We tested seven jogging stroller options (with babies on board) to find winners for any active mom.

When baby sitters have a bye week and sweating is of the essence, a functional jogging stroller is needed to double-up on mom duties and runner needs. We tested seven awesome options (with babies on board) to find winners for any active mom.

Best Trailblazer: Mountain Buggy Terrain

Pros: This endurance buggy remains true to its name: It’s made for mountains. The front wheel adapts to any type of movement along bumpy trails, and the zipped-up storage compartments assure that no level of bouncing will disturb your precious cargo.

Cons: Unless you drive an SUV, this buggy is tough to pack without removing the back wheels.


Joovy Zoom 360

Pros: A mini tire pump comes free with this sleek jogger. The seat is higher than your average stroller, which provides your little one with a nice view.

Cons: This model lacks comfortable padding with its seat belt, so it’s not the best choice for extra squirmy kiddos.


Best All-Around: BOB Revolution SE 

Pros: A tester favorite, this jogger rolls out of its packaging with minimal assembly. The fixed front wheel ran as smoothly as the swivel setting, offering a comfy ride all around. This simple-to-steer model could practically be pushed with one finger.

Cons: Accessories like a tire pump and handlebar console must be purchased separately.


Thule Chariot CX1

Pros: Despite its larger body, this stroller offers a very smooth ride over varying terrain—don’t be surprised if your child dozes mid-run! Three covers—sun, dirt and weather—are included. For added wheels, a bike attachment is available for cyclists.

Cons: Due to its long length, the Chariot won’t fit in most trunks. Plus, the four-digit price tag isn’t exactly budget-friendly.


Most Budget Friendly: Schwinn Arrow Fixed Wheel Jogger 

Pros: MP3 speakers behind the seat keep the little one grooving mid-run. This no-swivel model surprises with a smooth ride and light push and offers ample storage space beneath the seat for necessities.

Cons: Setup could be easier and sun protection leaves a bit to be desired


Tike Tech All Terrain X3 Sport

Pros: With ample sun coverage, this stroller is great for off-road adventures on a bright day. A front-wheel cover keeps dirt away from riders’ eyes—and the sleek look is sure to turn heads of fellow pushers.

Cons: Trail-specific features (like mud flaps) prevent this roller from working well on roads.


Best One Hand Wonder: Baby Jogger Summit X3 

Pros: Perfect for car transport, this baby jogger collapses with one hand. The swivel position handles smoothly on the road, allowing mom to hold on safely, single-handedly. An easy-to-reach brake with a fixed-to-swivel switch makes it simple to adjust and stop on a dime.

Cons: The fixed-wheel position was tougher to maneuver. Be prepared to grasp with two hands if you prefer this setting.