This Product Will Save You Some Embarrassment

Picture this: Suddenly you experience a little "leakage"—and you're definitely not wearing black capris.


Picture this: You’re running along, when suddenly you experience a little “leakage”—and you’re definitely not wearing black capris. Incontinence is an issue that many women runners deal with, especially post-pregnancy.

Enter Fannypants, a brand that makes panties and apparel to protect women for any embarrassing consequences after a little squeaks out. The undies, which come with removable, washable and reusable pads, provide four-layer protection against any incidents. But before you envision the hideous diaper look and scoff at the idea, check out their cute designs, which awarded the brand “Top Innovator” in 2014 by Apparel magazine. The company also carries travel accessories, such as back-up pads in cute travel packs. Their exercise apparel boasts similar technology, providing all-in-one odor-fighting and absorbing properties.

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Founder and CEO Sophia Parker dreamed up the idea after facing light-stress incontinence; she crafted a solution that meshed function with fashion to make every women comfortable, from the run, to the office, to vacation with the family. In the words of the company, “Don’t let bladder leakage slow you down!”