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Running strong: New TASER Pulse+ hopes to help keep you safe with new technology

As women, we’ve all felt a creepy presence on our runs. That guy who stares a little too long. A car following slowly behind you. Perhaps a man outright catcalling. It is difficult to ignore these interruptions to our daily runs, so much so that many women have questioned their own self-defense preparedness. That’s why […]

The Best Reflective Gear For Running After Dark

As we near the winter solstice, our dawn and dusk runs will start getting darker. It’s important to be seen on your runs, especially if you run anywhere near roads. We’ve rounded up our favorite reflective and lighted running gear to make sure you stay safe out there.

For Self-Defense, Try The Taser Pulse+

The TASER Pulse+ is an advanced, less-lethal defense tool that can immobilize attackers for 30 seconds from a distance of 15 feet.

Our Top Gift Picks For Music Lovers

Music lovers everywhere will fall for these gift picks whether they log miles while listening to music or while relaxing at home post-run.