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Safety Apps Can Keep Track of Your Whereabouts

Technology can offer peace of mind on your next run—for yourself and your loved ones. Most of us have left a note or sent a text to the effect of, “Out for a run, be back by 3:30.” We don’t want to think that something bad could happen while we’re out there, but between twisted […]

5 Steps to De-Cluttering Your Running Life, Marie Kondo-Style

We’re taking the popular method to race shirts, medals, shoes, and gear. They can’t all spark joy. If you haven’t heard of Marie Kondo or the “KonMari method,” you’re probably logging way too many miles. Kondo is the author The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing, but more recently […]

Arm Warmers: Essential Gear for Runners

Tame temperature swings with some arm candy. Pocket them when it’s hot, pop ’em on when it’s chilly. Our top editor-tested picks. PHONE-FRIENDLY Lululemon In a Flash Arm Warmers With a built-in phone pocket, these can serve double duty as a layer of warmth and a phone holder. We also enjoyed the added coverage from […]

5 Savings Hacks For Runners

Keeping Costs Low Compared to other athletes, runners have it pretty easy. At the very basic level, little is needed to fund our passion. We don’t have much in the way of costs for equipment, lessons or even coaches. Just set aside $100 for shoes every 500 miles, and we’re all set—or are we? If […]

Our Top Running Shoe Picks For Spring

Real women—including moms, teachers, firefighters and our own editors—tested dozens of shoes to bring you our best-of list for spring 2019. Numbers To Know Weight: All shoe weights listed (except when noted) are for a size 7. Heel-toe Drop: The drop of a shoe, measured in millimeters, refers to the change in slope from the […]

How To Find Your Perfect Sports Bra Fit

Tame Your Tatas Boobs, melons, cha-chas, jugs, knockers. We’ve got nicknames aplenty for our breasts, but we still don’t like talking about them. Truth is, your girls matter—and we’re here to get them the support they need. No matter your cup size, use our tips to find your best sports bra fit. Boob Blunders Is […]

The Best Gloves To Wear While Running

Most Breathable Under Armour Coldgear Storm Liner, $30 These snug-fitting, lightweight gloves have a water-repellent finish but also fit under heavier gloves for harsh conditions. The grippy palm and special texture on thumbs and fingers allow you to use touchscreen devices on the go. The built-in key pocket on the left hand is an added […]