One Company Raised $1.1 Million To Build An Everything Bra

What if your bosom buddy didn't have to change between work and a trip to the gym?

knix wear

Talk about a record-breaking Kickstarter campaign.

Startup company Knix Wear, known (kind of) for their seamless athletic underwear, raised more than $1 million on the platform to fund their $55 “world’s most advanced bra,” the Evolution Bra. Not just a sports bra, but a bra that almost fills every everyday needs of active women, including low-impact exercise. That large sum of money is the largest “fashion” fundraiser ever, raising the cash in only 30 days.

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Although there are more options on the market than ever before, and more companies are spending more bucks to cater to every size that’s out there moving, the need for the perfect bosom buddy still remains prevalent among so many runners. Take it one step further, and that’s where Knix Wear comes in, building a perfect piece that translates from work bra, to lazy bra, to sports bra and back again.

“It surpassed all of our expectations,” said Joanna Griffiths, the founder of Knix Wear, according to “We approached the campaign strategically, tapping into our loyal customer base, and we teased the product six months out.”

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Griffiths notes that many companies are pouring resources into other apparel categories, but the “first thing we put on and the last time we take off every day has been relatively ignored.”

The company worked closely with numerous testers, who provided feedback directly to the designers. Although the bra is good for low-impact activities, such as hiking or a trip to the gym, it is not recommended for running (yet). (Consider it your cross-training bra!) The potential plus is that it allows women to skip the extra step of switching bras in between work and play. The piece is touted at an 8-in-1 option due to its reversible patterns and various strap options.