We’re Obsessed: Warm Winter Running Jackets

Find a new comfy running coat to survive this winter.

we're obsessed

During the chilliest time of the year, we love cover-ups cool enough to make winter running more bearable.

1. “Winter running usually means finding the ideal balance between freezing cold and sweating—and sweating so hard you’re freezing cold—especially in Colorado’s sunny yet snowy mountains. This is why I’m enjoying the lightweight, durable, wind- and water-resistant New Balance Ultra Hooded Jacket ($125, that blocks the chill when I need it and packs away into its own pocket when I don’t.”
— Allison Pattillo, gear editor

2. “I really don’t like to be cold when I head out for a run in the winter (or fall or spring!), and the Mountain Hardwear Super Power Jacket ($90, feels cozy and comfy. And once my body heats up, the fabric works its wicking wonders!”
— Nicki Miller, managing editor

3. “I always have a hard time finding a thick hoodie that keeps me warm but doesn’t look like a poncho. The MPG Valencia Hoodie ($60, satisfies this balance with cotton-poly material, zip pockets (perf for stashing cash for post-run brunch) and, my favorite feature on any long-sleeved piece, thumb holes! Plus the hoodie snaps back when I want a chic look around town.”
— Caitlyn Pilkington, associate editor

4. “For my 10th birthday, I begged my parents for an ankle-length velvet cloak, so my aunt, a costume designer, sewed one—and I wore it (non-ironically) every chance I got. While my taste in outerwear is now more mainstream, the weird little girl in me loves that the Nike Tech Cape ($90, boasts a hint of Victorian influence, beneath its modern and functional facade.”
— Jessie Sebor, editor in chief

5. “Running on the East Coast during the winter, I will undoubtedly be faced with sleet, freezing rain and a damp, bitter wind. While I can’t escape the elements, my runs can be a little more tolerable when I wear my Arc’teryx Squamish Hoody ($149, It’s the perfect layering piece, super lightweight, easy to run in and water-repellent. Plus, I’d like to think the vibrant pink will brighten any dreary day.”
— Erin Douglas, art director