It Just Got Even Easier To Measure Your Muscle Quality

Skulpt, the company that released a handheld device to measure muscle quality and body fat, just made a major upgrade.


Last May, we told you about the Skulpt Aim—a product that was created to measure muscle quality and body fat percentage—and how it was changing the way people approached fitness.

Lucky for us, Skulpt has updated their product and app and released Skulpt Chisel.

The new device works like the old; it uses a weak current, measuring the flow as the current moves through the skin, subcutaneous fat and muscle. The technology then allows it to identify muscle quality from the amount of fat in a certain region, giving you the Muscle Quality (MQ), or how lean, strong and fit your muscle is, and the Body Fat Percentage of an area.

In the past when using Skulpt Aim, that was the end of it. You had your data, but unless you measured yourself again to see improvements, you didn’t really have much but data that you would then have to decipher on your own. Now, however, once you use the Skulpt Chisel to take your measurements, it provides real-time, useful feedback.

This feedback includes exercise and nutrition suggestions based on a goal you choose. For example, if you say your goal is to Bulk Up (other options include get Healthier or Lean Out), you tell the app how many days you would like to workout and it suggests a personal exercise ration for building muscle. The app will tell you, “Based on your initial readings, we recommend a ratio of 70 percent strength training, 25 percent cardio and 5 percent stretching.” Then, as you do regular muscle readings, those suggestions will change. In the case of the example above, the app recommends three measurements each week to optimize the ratio.

When it comes to nutrition, the suggestions given are very similar. In the case of the example above, the app says, “Based on your initial readings, we recommend a radio or 30% protein, 50% carbs and 20% fat.” Again, three weekly muscle readings are suggested.

While they don’t give you a specific day-by-day plan to follow, the suggestions help you work with a coach, trainer or nutritionist—or even solo, should you feel comfortable—to make a plan that works for you, based on your schedule.

The device and app have also been improved upon; now all readings are done directly through the app versus on a screen as was the case with the Skulpt Aim. The app is a much more effective way to see exactly where to place the Skulpt Chisel to get the most accurate readings.

Overall, this update is an excellent one and really improves upon the initial device. Now that Skulpt is not just giving you data but is providing personal feedback and suggestions based on your goals, it really is changing the way you approach your health and fitness at a very affordable $99 price point. Since you can easily pair and un-pair the device to an app, multiple people can even use it, making it that much more valuable.

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