Your GPS running watch does a lot for you, but you shouldn’t settle for one that only tracks your distance. It needs to go the distance. Here’s what to look for in your next wrist-top running partner.

Help with Your Form

You just finished a training run, but something felt a little off. Did you try to make up time by taking huge strides? Did you bounce too much or come down too hard? It’s difficult to be sure, unless you have the right watch. A great running watch is just as invested in making you a better runner as you are. That means helping you work toward your ideal form. A watch that offers running dynamics provides detailed stats on your stride length, ground contact time balance and more to help you train around your strengths and weaknesses.

Fine-Tune Your Training and Recovery

Now that you’ve got your form down, you want to train for that next race. You train every day, making every step count. But when do you take a rest day? When should you increase the intensity to see the best results? You’ve read all the articles and researched training plans, but none of them are tailored to you. The new Forerunner® 935 from Garmin can take the guesswork out of your training. It’s called training status. Using your recent exercise history, the 935 lets you know if you’re training productively or overdoing it.

Track Your Stats and Get Support

You made it to race day in great condition, and you ran your best time. Do you go straight home and write down your time in a journal or the back of your race bib? Will you even remember it so you can try to beat it at your next race? And what about your friends and family—how can you share some brag stats with them? Your watch should take care of that too. The Forerunner 935 does all that without you lifting a finger. It Syncs to your phone and the free mobile app so you can share to your social media accounts, compete and compare with friends and more. You can even let friends and family follow your run or race in real time.

Looks Count Too
The latest running watches are great at putting a lot of tech at your fingertips, but how does it fit and look on your wrist? Here’s where the 935 really stands out as a great styling option—it’s lightweight, has a soft, flexible wristband, and you can rock it from workout to your work day with easy-to-swap bands that don’t require tools. Paired with Garmin Connect™ online support community, the Forerunner 935 does everything we expect and more to help you beat yesterday.