Last Minute Father’s Day Gift

You still have a few days to find a great Father's Day gift for your runner dude.

Still stumped about what to get your dad, significant other, brother, son, or running partner this Father’s Day? If they are obsessed with running, we have some great last minute ideas. They may not arrive by Sunday, but at least you can say they are on their way!

Sock Guy Siracha Socks

Ditch the boring white socks and show your man you think he’s spicy! If Siracha is not his speed, there are plenty of fun socks to choose from!

Moji 360-Foot Massager

This foot massager can help with pesky plantar fasciitis. It can also revitalizes sore and tired feet after runs!

Gone for a Run Fly-By Reflective Runners Slap Wraps

Mercury-inspired, slap-on wings give ankles glow-in-the-dark speed. Most importantly, they keep your favorite dude safe on dusky runs.
$10 for set of 2,

Rogue Brewery Track Town 200 Meter Ale

This Oregon IPA from Prefontaine’s old stomping grounds was brewed with runners in mind. Make sure he shares some with you after a long run or race.

Gone for  a Run Runner Checklist Pint

The perfect pint for post-race celebrations, no matter what distance was run. Pair it with the Track Town IPA!

Boom Running Jogging Craze Tee 

“I believe it’s jogging or yogging. It might be a soft j.” —Ron Burgundy in “Anchorman”

Flips Audio Social2Solo HD Headphones

Headphones that double as speakers—genius! These make the transition from run to summer fun.

Harcos Labs Blood Energy Potion

A sports drink for the vampire lover on your list. Or just a fun way to refuel. Don’t worry- they have Zombie Blood too.
$20 for 6 pack,

Sneaker Balls Matrix Design

No smelly socks or shoes in your house. Trust us- they will appreciate this one. And so will you.
$5 for two,

Skechers Men’s Relaxed Fit- Spencer

A man can’t live in running sneakers alone- although he may try!  These sporty shoes are a stylish and comfortable option to wear post-run, or while cheering you on at your next race.