How To Dress For A Run When It’s Really Cold

Run happily in frigid weather with this foolproof guide to winter layering. 


As the merchandising manager of apparel for Brooks Running, it’s Bennett Grimes’ job to obsess about runners’ comfort when it comes to clothes. Here he shares his insider tips on dressing properly when the temperature drops below 20 degrees.

What You Need To Wear
Tank Top
Long Sleeve or Wicking Hoodie
Loose Pant

“This is how you know if you’re hardcore!” says Grimes. Again start with the tank and add a long-sleeve or wicking hoodie. Over that Grimes likes adding a vest to insulate your core: “That’s the most important place on the body to keep warm.” Top with a jacket and a hat if you don’t have a hood. If it’s below 10 degrees, add a loose pant over your running tights. Gloves or mittens are a must and a balaclava may be helpful to warm the air.

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