A last minute gift good for any runner on your list is a
training journal. Granted, there are numerous digital options for tracking
one’s fitness plans and progress, but I’m talking about an honest-to-goodness
old-fashioned pen-to-paper style journal. My generation grew up writing “Dear
Diary” entries on a daily basis, and for many of us, the comfort and
satisfaction of an old-school style journal can’t be beat.

A training journal can be as simple as a bound book of blank
pages which an athlete customizes herself, such as this damask-covered version
from Borders or this pink flower embossed option from Amazon. Or, go for an
athlete-tailored version (such as this one from runalogs.com) that encourages
more specific entries with sections for daily training, weekly schedules,
favorite routes, cross-training and even motivational quotes.

Either way, a journal is a heartfelt gift that lets your
runner pal know that you support and encourage her every step.