I spent the
Thanksgiving holiday with my brother’s family, and since his wife caught the
running bug a year ago, she seemed the perfect person to ask for gift ideas for
women runners. As a newcomer to the sport, I figured there must be plenty of
things that she wants or needs to enhance her enjoyment of the sport.

“Time,” was her
unequivocal answer. As an attorney and a mother of three, it’s no surprise
she’s short on this precious commodity. And I’m sure she’s not alone. As a simple
yet significant gift to one of your runner pals, why not offer a few hours of
babysitting so that she can get out and run? She’ll cherish the block of
guilt-free freedom that her good friend provides, and as an added bonus, you’ll
have a chance to bond with her children – a truly priceless gift that is rich
in value.