Holiday Gift Idea: Family Fitness Challenge

If your not-so-active family members have expressed and interest in getting fit,
give them a boost in the right direction this holiday season. You can create
your own tradition in the form of a family fitness challenge, and involve
everyone in the fun.

Plot out a custom race course. It can simply be a short loop through your own neighborhood,
with the start and finish in your driveway. Make sure the distance is attainable
for everyone – you can always increase the challenge of the course annually as
fitness levels improve. Schedule the race early in the day before a large
holiday meal – or even the day after, as a way to burn off indulgent calories. Buy
goofy prizes for participation, and create homemade finishers medals with
supplies from an arts and crafts store. You can even order low-cost custom race
shirts (or numerous other custom items) at Your family
will love the light-hearted competition, and you will enjoy leading them down a
path to better health!