Goodbye, Sweaty Backside And Inner Thigh Chafe

Say hello to your one-stop solution to those runner clothing problems that make us blush.

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Have you ever suffered from thighs covered in flames, a sweaty backside, peekaboo underwear or clinging clothing? According to, the new Skimmies Slipshort is the perfect solution to each of these problems. Not only is it moisture wicking, but it’s also free of seams, meaning that it can be worn under anything without the fear of that obvious panty line. Jockey teamed up with “How I Met Your Mother actress Alyson Hannigan” to present the product, and the website features videos of her interacting with everyday women in order to help them relieve their discomfort.

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The appearance of the shorts, as well as their specific features, can vary. Each style is dedicated to certain types of activities that are outlined in Hannigan’s “Solutionary,” a book that contains photos of each one of the common afflictions the company hopes to eliminate. These problems include “The Flash Cycle,” an event characterized by unexpected winds and clothing freak-outs while riding on a bicycle, and “Namaste-Dry,” where keeping in shape is bringing too much attention to your sweat instead of your hard work.

Overall, Skimmies Slipshorts have been designed with comfort in mind. And for less than $30 a pair, they won’t break the bank.