Gift Guide: Ponytail Hat

One of the best ways to stay warm on a winter run is to wear a snuggly hat. But for those of us with long hair, fitting our locks underneath a hat can be a bit uncomfortable. Thus, the Goodbye Girl Ponytail Hat from Connecticut-based accessory manufacturer Trailheads provide an ideal solution. The fleecy hat is ponytail compatible, due to its integrated loop construction, creating a perfectly positioned hole through which to thread one’s hair. The snug one-size-fits-most sizing keeps C83b25ca7c5e23d89ad4e9f5aa6d2a1bthe hat securely in place during strenuous workouts and a reflective stripe adds a touch of safety for outdoor adventures. The hat comes in a variety of colors and decorative designs, including the snowflake and swirl options, which I find particularly sweet.