Get A Full Body Workout With This One Piece Of Equipment

This one plyo box gives your body a killer workout in many different ways.


Gym memberships can get pricey and often require a contract (or require you to jump through hoops to cancel). When it comes to building a home gym, though a more affordable option, you may find yourself running out of space for your growing collection of weights and other equipment.

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What if there was one piece of equipment that could be used multiple ways? It turns out there is: The BuildingBlock.

This box started out as a project on IndieGogo and has raised more than $20,000. Its base is a durable plyometrics box—that can be used alone or with attachments—as the foundation for your workout. Custom attachments can then be added, such as a stability pole, elastic bands and harness.

The box includes handles, stackable interlocking points and attachment locking points. It weighs roughly 25 pounds and is filled with high density foam.

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The BuildingBlock team—it was designed by a certified personal trainer with input from designers, engineers, personal trainers and physical therapists—has a series of videos on their website showcasing different moves that can be achieved with this one piece of equipment. Not only does that include plyo box step-ups, but also includes push-ups, leg raises, box jumps, box squats, burpees and more.

Made in Milwaukee, you can pre-order The BuildingBlock on IndieGogo with a 35 percent savings. They are creating the mold and will have a firm release date coming soon.