Gear Obsession: The Undress

The Undress promises to free runners of the awkward post-run clothing change.

In case you haven’t seen this gem of an idea, The Undress, created in San Diego, is a runner girl’s modest on-the-go solution. With a newly launched Kickstarter campaign, which began on Sept. 22 to raise $22,000 in 40 days, this innovative solution for awkward car changes between runs and brunches just made life a whole lost easier—and cuter!

What is it? Well, it’s essentially a dress with superpowers. The goal of Undress is to make changing in and out of running clothes seamless and doable anywhere (finally!). Why are we obsessed with it? Because we’ve never seen anything like it, we are tired of awkwardly scrunching down in our passenger seats to get out of our sports bras, and it’s totes adorable

“Even as a guy, I see and feel the discomfort that women have to go through when they try to sneak in their cars to change or try to inconspicuously change under a towel,” says inventor and co-founder Dennis Caco in a press release. “But now, women no longer have to take the risk of bearing it all. There’s a solution for them and it’s called The Undress.”

The steps are easy (and way less awkward than the quickly-put-on-bra-before-person-next-to-me-sees technique). Check out the full demonstration here. An added bonus? When you forget to pack a clean shirt for your post-run brunch with the ladies, the Maxi-inspired dress is super cute on its own!