Gear: Best Socks For Every Runner!

Pounding the pavement doesn’t have to end in a blistering tragedy. Choose your favorite style of sock and keep toes feeling fresh for miles.

Pounding the pavement doesn’t have to end in a blistering tragedy. Choose your favorite style of sock and discover lovely foot gloves that will keep toes feeling fresh for miles.


Compression socks can improve performance by encouraging blood flow and minimizing muscle strain as you strike the ground.

2XU Compression Performance Run Sock

These uber-technical beauties are breathable and easy to get on. $50,

CEP Short Socks

Make your Achilles smile with this mid-level sock. Compression fabric also promotes healthy recovery after your workout. $25,


These socks hold up to a little mud and dirt while protecting your feet from varying terrain.

Thorlo Experia Multi- Activity Micro Mini-Crew

Cushioning in the heel and ball of the foot provides extra comfort over rocky terrain. $15,

Balega Hidden Comfort

Ankle padding keeps debris out so you won’t be stuck emptying your shoe mid-run. $12,


Designed to minimize chaffing, these super-snug socks will stay in place no matter how far you run.

Sock Guy Channel Air

These one-size-fi ts-all babies were born to run, with four channels of air to promote breathability. $11,

FITS Light Runner No Show

This Merino wool glove has a deep, wrapping heel pocket, toe cup and low riding cuff. $16,


These foot pillows have extra luscious padding where your hooves need it most.

Feetures! Elite Light Cushion

With seamless comfort inside and out, this run bud comes in tons of crazy-fun colors. $15,

DeFeet D-Evo Low Cuff

Barely there toe seams allow you to reap the benefits of front-of-the-foot protection minus the chaffing! $13,


Technical fabric allows your feet to feel dry, never soggy.

Wigwam Ironman Velocity Pro

Designed for triathletes post-swim, these guys supply moisture-control technology that directs the water up and out of your shoes. $12,

Sugoi RS Ped Sock

This nylon-spandex blend diverts body heat and sweat vapor to keep your feet fresh. $14,


When all of your little piggies are individually packaged, you’re more likely to enjoy a blister-free ride.

Smartwool PhD Toe Sock Micro

Perfect for the minimalist who wants a little cushion, slight ankle coverage and that au naturel feel. $21,

Injinji Run 2.0 No-Show

Let your toes run free in this lightweight sock, with a brief cut to prevent an ankle farmer’s tan. $12,