From Runway To Race—Check Out This Fashionable Gear

High mileage meets high fashion in this season’s luxe running gear.

With traditional sports brands now appearing at New York Fashion Week and high-end designers making fitness apparel, the worlds of fashion and fitness have officially collided. The result is a stunning array of edgy, bordering on over-the-top styles. Fashion designers create haute pieces from technical fabrics for sweat-ready functionality. And fitness lines are reimagining traditional looks, infusing them with cutouts, bright patterns and innovative silhouettes.

Making a wild style addition to your running kit may be just what you need to bring new energy to your workouts and new life to your basic black favorites. Reward yourself for reaching a goal, rock a piece for a special occasion or simply treat yourself because you rock. And even if you’re not into dropping $400 on a fitness cat suit—they’re still pretty fun to look at. Check out these offerings from five hot brands.