Editors’ Picks: Gear That Supports Breast Cancer Research

Our editors have a serious soft spot for running gear that helps fight breast cancer.

Our editors have a serious soft spot for running gear that helps fight breast cancer.

1. “The Under Armour PIP UA Shadow Cap ($25, conforms to my head and is comfortable on short runs or all day outside. With a black body and pink trim, it has an edgier look than a lot of performance gear with a donation attached to its purchase.”
Scott Draper, photo editor

2. “After Edith Sanford Breast Cancer Foundation became a partner of Women’s Running, it took just one trip to their offices to completely fall in love with their mission. Instead of simply advancing awareness, ESBCF focuses on treatment, prevention and eradication through genetic innovation. I’m proud to wear their message right where it belongs, on the Champion System Edith Sanford Sports Bra ($43,—plus $10 of the sales goes right to ESBCF!”
Jessie Sebor, editor in chief

3. “Shortly after trying to practice yoga on my hardwood floors, I was on a mat hunt. I found that Gaiam makes a fun, bright pink mat that is lightweight, sticky and comes with a free downloadable practice. Plus, $1 from the sale of each Gaiam Forever Pink Yoga Mat ($22, goes to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.”
Erin Douglas, art director

4. “After going through breast cancer treatments last year, I have a greater appreciation for opportunities to sport a pink ribbon, as with these New Balance Sport Shorts ($32, I like the little running ribbon to support Susan G. Komen and the darker pink piping is more my style.”
Nicki Miller, managing editor

5. “Balega’s Grace and Grit Collection ($12.50, takes the smooth-fitting comfort of no-show athletic socks and adds bright pink flair with positive affirmations for every stride. As a bonus, $1 from every pair sold is donated to the Breast Cancer Fund.”
Allison Pattillo, gear editor

6. “I love recovery pieces that can go hot to warm muscles or cold to treat inflammation. The TheraPearl Pink Sports Pack ($12, does just that—it’s totally reusable, and the ‘pearls’ let the pack conform to every nook of your body. Plus part of the proceeds benefit breast cancer research!”
Caitlyn Pilkington, associate editor