You Don’t Have Room For An Elliptical—But You Do For This

This is a game changer for getting a cardio workout in at home—without taking up a whole room.


For those of you who are like me, you have every inch of space in your house dedicated to something. The master bedroom, the office, the guest room you’ve crammed some fitness equipment into…all to have no space for those bigger ticket fitness machines that you actually would use (think: treadmill or elliptical).

After canceling my gym membership (after investing in the aforementioned crammed-into-the-corner fitness equipment), I realized my only options were to run outside or not run at all. With the erratic weather in Austin and a recent string of assaults in the news, running outside every day became less and less appealing.

After scrolling through Facebook and seeing an ad (they do work) for something called a compact elliptical, I found the cardio game changer from Stamina Products.

With the InMotion Compact Strider, now I can get in a cardio workout any time of the day. It comes without the noise from the average treadmill (so I don’t disturb my husband playing video games) and hardly takes up any room in our office. Even better? It has a handle so I can move it in front of the TV and get in a low-impact workout during Grey’s Anatomy.

You can use a compact elliptical while standing up or sitting, so it also makes a great piece of equipment to take to work and use while sitting at your desk.

So while it may not serve as a substitute for a long run, it is a great way to still get in your cardio on days with severe weather or when you just can’t make it out the door due to an unforeseen circumstance. It’s also a way to stay active while sitting for long periods of time or to burn a few extra calories when watching your favorite show.

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