A Day In The Life Of A Fitbit User

What's the day really look like for a fitness tracker enthusiast beyond looking flashy with their wrist candy?

Fitbit Alta Family 1

Wake up, groggily grab phone—but gone are the days of pre-coffee Facebook scrolling first. These days I go straight for the Fitbit app.

How did I sleep? I do feel well-rested, but who knows?

I slept well! 8 hours and 12 minutes, with 14 minutes of restlessness. Well done, me.

I only take off the Alta right before stepping into the shower; I don’t want a single step to go uncounted.

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I want to get a few emails off before my day really starts, so I sit down at the computer. I only meant to do this for 5 minutes—but then realize I’ve been sitting in front of my computer for a full 45 (you know the feeling). Thankfully, the Alta buzzes, encouraging me to walk at least 250 steps this hour—one of my favorite features. Phew! I get up and make coffee.

It’s freezing, so instead of running outside I head to Barry’s Bootcamp with a friend. Barry’s is an exercise class that is half guided treadmill workout and half weights. By far one of my favorite things about the Alta is that it captures my treadmill runs as a separate type of workout from a regular run. I love my standard running app, Strava, but it can’t do this. Bonus: it also captures the weight workout—not that I’m the kind of person who needs credit for every workout, but, well, it’s nice to get credit for every workout!

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I revel in the 15,000 steps I’ve taken so far that day–I can’t help it but feel good about that!—probably half of them from Barry’s Bootcamp.

In the evening, I make dinner, and the Alta alerts me to a phone call. This is one of the more favorite features to me, seeing as my ringer broke a few months ago due to too many drops during runs! I have been constantly missing calls unless I’m staring at my phone when someone calls—but thanks to my new wrist bling, not anymore!

I go out for drink with two other Fitbit-wearing friends. The Alta is so thin, it feels like a glamorous accessory to complement jeans and a blouse, not a clunky tracking device. We compare step counts, obviously. One of my friends is a nurse, so he’s on his feet a lot and has the most steps for the day. My other friend also beat me, but she put her Fitbit around her cat’s neck for part of the day, so I’m unclear on what to make of that. Cheater?