3 Gear Tips For Cross-Country Runners

Make sure you have products like these in your cross country gear bag at all times.

Whether you’re new to the sport or a cross country veteran, these three products are worth checking out.

Saucony Velocity 5, $60

Take your cross-country racing to the next level with a pair of racing spikes. If you’re not familiar with the feel of the extra-gripping shoe, start off with a beginner-friendly model that will allow you to ease your way into the spike-racing world. This Saucony pair not only looks snazzy, but it’s also perfect for a variety of distances!

Athleta Be Free Short, $49

Shorts that allow you to move freely without worrying about chafing are a cross-country runner’s dream. These performance-fitted shorts offer the Goldilocks of coverage (not too short, not too long—just right!). Plus the zippered pocket is the perfect place to stash a key.

Honest Bug Spray, $13

A simple spray-down with bug spray can mean the difference between post-race bliss and an itchy nightmare. Try this organic spray, made from a blend of rosemary, citronella and wintergreen essential oils.


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