Coach Jenny’s Favorite Things

Find out what Coach Jenny loves this month.

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NextDesk Terra
Stand up while you work! Simply push this desk’s button and watch it glide upward so smoothly you won’t even notice a ripple in your morning coffee. With more than 200 possible height positions, this gem makes it easy to find the perfect ergonomic working position to improve your posture, energy, metabolism and creativity.

DeLorme inReach SE
Part GPS, part app, part Satellite communicator—this gadget is an adventurous runner’s best friend. Map any off-road journey while sharing your location publicly or privately on Facebook. When you wander off the beaten path, someone will always know where you are, even if you don’t.

Time Out App
This app serves as the perfect workmate. Download it to your computer to be reminded when to look away from your monitor and when to get off your booty to move around. All of the time settings are customizable, and you can opt out of each reminder easily (but you shouldn’t).