Bottoms Up!

If you’re looking for some derriere-flattering yet fully comfy-cozy casual pants – a cross between yoga duds and your favorite Friday night jeans – look no further than SkirtSports’ Apres Workout 10:05 Collection bootylicious bottoms.

Yes, these pants really are all that.



SkirtSports knows a thing or two about fitting the female form – after all, they literally invented the running skirt and have since developed into one of the most stylish function-meets-fashion-meets-flair apparel brands in the women’s fitness industry. Yet the 10:05 Collection takes SkirtSports in a slightly different direction. You’re not meant to workout in these pants (and did I mention there’s a jeans-inspired jacket, too?).


No, my dear, you’re meant to savor the fruits of your hard-training labor, feeling free to strut your 6001420detail02_800x885 finely toned stuff while luxuriating in the soothing comfort of soft stretch-fleece. Trust me, just try them on and you’ll be proudly singing your own rear-view praises – and you’ve earned it!

– Holly Bennett