Boots Fit For a Runner

I’m a proponent of mixing it up a bit when it comes to training – taking breaks from running to dabble in different types of active adventures here and there. So yesterday, when the crisp fall sunshine, the blazing leaves and the pleading eyes of my puppy beckoned, I agreed it was a great day for a hike. Of course, the fact that I had received a brand spanking new pair of Vasque hiking boots, awaiting their maiden voyage, gave me added inspiration.

The Vasque Breeze boots are my kind of hiker – lightweight enough not to feel burdensome, yet sturdy enough to support my ankles and provide ample traction as I clamored up the rocky terrain. And, after two straight hours of hiking straight up and steeply down a rugged mountainside, my feet and ankles remained 100% blister-free – a success for any new pair of shoes. In fact, I liked them so much that if the weather holds, I may tackle another hike this weekend.

– Holly Bennett