Best Fitness Apps And Trackers For Beginners

These apps and fitness trackers can be helpful to chart your progress.

track apps

Using a running app or fitness tracker can keep you in sync with your training, but you don’t need one with lots of bells and whistles. Here are some basic, easy-to-use options to give your motivation a boost.

This app tracks duration, distance, calories and more in real time. It also offers audio feedback and even lets your friends give you a pep talk while you’re running. Set a time, distance or calorie goal and get more advanced audio coaching.
Free; iOS, Android

GymBoss 2 Interval Timer
Perfect for new runners, this app makes it easier to switch between running and walking. You can preprogram your run/walk intervals and it’ll beep to let you know when it’s time to switch.
Free; iOS, Android

Nike+ Running
In addition to tracking your distance, duration, pace and calories burned, this app creates a map of your run so you can review it to see how your pace changes during different parts of your course. Syncing your runs to the Nike+ website lets you track goals and find top routes in your area.
Free; iOS, Android

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Fitbit Zip Activity Tracker
In addition to tracking steps, distance and calories burned, this can be used to get on-the-go pace and distance stats with voice cues in conjunction with its MobileRun app. It also offers music controls so you can select or shuffle your songs.

Runtastic Orbit Activity Tracker
If you’re looking to track more than just workouts, this provides info about your total steps, calories burned, sleep cycles and more. You can use it to set goals and program vibrating notifications. It also features time and alarm functions, eliminating the need to wear another device on your wrist.

Jawbone Up Move Fitness Tracker
This is less expensive than some of the other fitness trackers out there, but you still get a lot of bang for your buck. It tracks steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned and hours slept, and allows you to connect with friends so you can track each other on team leader boards.