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Veil Is An Activewear Brand Keeping It Modest

Veil is bringing more modesty to the fitness world with two new pieces.

Photo: Courtesy of Veil
Photo: Veil


That’s the slogan splashed across the top of Veil’s kickstarter page, which aims to bring more modest apparel to the fitness and active lifestyle space. With closets overflowing with upper-thigh-hugging shorts, flashy sports bras and thin racerback tanks, there are few options for those who wish to be a bit more covered or those who follow a different type of dress code.

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The 23-year-old founder, Ahmad Ghanem, says the goal of the brand’s larger expansion into the fitness space—with pieces like Spark and Halo, furthering the description “most advanced (and stylish) modest sportswear lines ever created”—is to give active people the “most functional, modest and fashion-forward workout possible.” These pieces follow last June’s launch of the Cool Dry Hijab, which was a cooling headscarf, the first of its kind on the market.

Photo: Veil

The company continues to focus on its three core values: modesty, functionality and style, and it’s inspired by not only those who exhibit a certain dress style according to certain faith or cultures, but also those who don’t wish to race down the streets “flaunting it all.” It’s giving runners and fitness enthusiasts options outside of what might be splashed across the latest billboards.

Modesty in the way one dresses can be the standard in certain cultures or faiths, but the wave has shifted to all aspects of the globe in every segment of the fashion world in recent years. Dressing modestly is not being self-conscious about your body, rather a way to avoid drawing unwanted attention and throwing ‘sexy’ in the backseat. “If you’ve got it, flaunt it” is old news and there is something to be finally said about covering yourself up. What’s more—the brand has already planned to expand its sizing to 3XL to meet consumer demands.

Check out their page on Kickstarter.