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Under Armour Launches New Sports Bra Line

The brand hopes to empower women who exercise with their new line.


Under Armour hopes to empower women to exercise how they want to exercise by introducing the Armour Bra Collection, a line comprising three options based on a woman’s size and activity of choice. They all feature HeatGear fabric and a Signature Moisture Transport System, but other elements separate them from each other.

While the low- and mid-impact bras are best for A to C cups and more laid-back exercise, the high-impact bra offers sizes up to DD and provides support for women who endure uncomfortable bouncing during activities like running. Gel-lined straps and gel-encased wires provide optimal comfort and support, while soft cups manage shape and mesh on the back and between the breasts to contribute to breathability.

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Vice President of Women’s Product Kelly Cortina addressed why the bra’s bottom band fits with the average sports bra consumer’s lifestyle. “We have a signature band that we’re using in different heights, so it has great retention, it provides great support and it’s high quality, so it lasts well over time,” she says.

“There definitely are benefits for reducing bounce and making sure that the Cooper’s ligament [Ed note: This is connective tissue in the breast.] is not going to be damaged over time,” says Jennifer Carcich, Director of Women’s Apparel in baselayer, sports bras and running. “It’s really about putting her body in balance so that she can perform her best.”