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6 Thoughts When Putting On Compression Socks

If you've worn compression socks, you know the struggle of putting them on. We talked to CEP Compression to find out what we're doing wrong.

compression socks

If you’ve ever put on compression socks before, your thought process has probably gone like this:

  1. I can’t believe I just finished that race; I never want to walk again. Let’s hope this works!
  2. These are so tight how am I supposed to get them on? Well, here goes nothing.
  3. Okay, so they’re on my toes. Time to tug.
  4. Ugh this is a workout in itself! I think I pulled something in my neck.
  5. They are on my whole foot! Success! One last big pull.
  6. I am never taking these off they were too hard to get on so they are staying on forever.

That my sound a little dramatic but that was definitely what my first time putting them on was like. And I actually did never take them off—I laid on the couch and had my husband grab them and pull them off because I didn’t even want to deal with it.

Remembering the struggle, I talked to the folks over at CEP Compression to once and for all figure out how to get these things on and off. Here’s what they said:

Trick For Putting On Compression Socks

  1. Find right and left sock.
  2. Reach inside the sock and grab the heel; turn sock inside out—except for the toe.
  3. Put toes inside, pull heel around the back of your foot and pull the rest of the sock up your leg until it is right below the knee.
  4. Do not fold sock over.

Trick For Taking Off Compression Socks

  1. Grab them by the top band and peel them off in one movement

If you are looking for a ‘starter’ compression sock, there are options that come up lower on the leg than knee-highs, making them easier to put on (like these low profile ultra lights). Also, if you’re new to the compression game, CEP Compression explains that they can be worn with no time or use restrictions (unless otherwise noted, like the CEP Calf Sleeves).