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The Best Reflective Gear For Running After Dark

As we near the winter solstice, our dawn and dusk runs will start getting darker. It’s important to be seen on your runs, especially if you run anywhere near roads. We’ve rounded up our favorite reflective and lighted running gear to make sure you stay safe out there.

Brooks Running LSD Jacket And Greenlight Tight ($105 For Jacket, $95 For Tight)

Brooks Running’s Nightlife collection returns with some brand-new colors and patterns for fall—just in time for daylight savings. The collection’s LSD Jacket and Greenlight Tight feature 360-degree reflectivity to ensure that potential nighttime hazards see you coming. The black jacket has a fun, reflective pattern that bumps it up a notch from purely functional to flattering.

Buff DryFlx Neckwarmer, $25

The appeal of Buff lies in its versatility—the super-soft, super-stretchy bands can work as a headband, sweat wipe, hat, neck warmer, earmuff, face cover and impromptu ponytail holder. The brand’s latest release, DryFlx Neckwarmer, is perfect for cold winter months. Thermally efficient fabric protects the face and neck from the elements, while 360-degree reflectivity ensures you’re seen.

Nathan Luna Fire 250 RX Chest/Waist Light, $40

Running at night or in the autumn chill often means you’re carrying extra bulk to keep yourself safe and warm. As a result, some trusty visibility devices may not work or fit as well as they’re intended. Nathan’s Luna Fire 250 RX Chest/Waist Light offers the flexibility to wear its 250-lumen light with the built-in chest or waist strap—but if that doesn’t mesh well with your assembly of gear, you can also pop the light out and attach it to anything else. Bonus: The battery can last up to 25 hours, meaning you can run several nights in a row before you need to bother with recharging.

Decathlon Kalenji Kiprun Jacket, $23

Bright, light and super-affordable—the Decathlon Kalenji Kiprun jacket checks all of our boxes. This lightweight (4.2 oz. for a size small) jacket packs into its own pocket, making it easy to stash in a hydration pack, and its bright trim with 360-degree reflectivity enables visibility at any time of day. Bonus: thumb loops!

Hoka One One Mach And Cavu Shoes, $110-$140

Hoka One One Mach shoe pictured.

“Visibility” doesn’t have to mean “wearing neon.” Hoka One One has gone stealth with its new Fly at Night line, featuring its popular Mach and Cavu styles. Inspired by the night running culture in Japan, these bold, black kicks are surprisingly bright, thanks to reflective applications on the logos, heel tab and outsole.

Petzl Bindi Headlamp, $60

It’s tricky to find a headlamp that works and feels comfortable to wear while running. In our experience, they’re either too tight or too loose, and the lighting is always either too bright or too dim. Petzl’s striving to address those concerns with its Bindi headlamp, a lightweight tool with a thin, adjustable headband that’s USB rechargeable and promised to last for at least three years. With a maximum brightness of 200 lumens, this headlamp can endure anywhere between two and 50 hours of use, depending on the lighting setting you pick.

Brilliant Reflective Assorted Pack, $40

Most running gear these days features some level of reflectivity, but it’s not always prominent enough to make you visible around cars while running at night. Enter Brilliant Reflective, reflective strips that are easily ironed directly onto clothing and stick-on options for use on shoes and other gear. The stick-on strips won’t last forever, but the iron-ons will—or at least as long as the item of clothing on which you apply it.

SPIbeams LED Hat, $30

If you’ve ever extended an evening run when it unexpectedly felt amazing and found yourself logging miles in the dark, you know how valuable versatile reflective gear can be. This SPIbeams hat offers sun protection by day and visibility by night, with four small LED lights built into the brim and two at the back. Featuring a simple on/off switch tucked under the brim, it’s an easy safety product to grab on days when you’re not quite sure how far your legs will take you. Better safe than sorry!

Amphipod Versa-Light Mini, $15

Clip it, click it and go—it’s that simple. Amphipod’s new Versa-Light Mini ($15, is USB rechargeable (no battery required!) and comes with two red and white lighting options that are both bright enough to let anyone nearby know you’re coming. Best of all, this lightweight tool is the size of a Hershey’s Nugget and easily affixes to your clothing, armband or belt, meaning it won’t add noticeable weight to your run gear.

Jogalite Leg Band, $6.50

Above all, reflective gear should be effective, but its second-most important quality is ease of use. Luckily, these Jogalite leg bands are both. The 1.5-inch nylon band wraps around the leg and stays put with the help of some old-fashioned Velcro (hey, the stuff is still around because it does its job well, right?). What’s more, you can stock up on these to make sure you always have one around without breaking the bank.