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The Best New Sports Bras For D-Cups

The wrong bra can completely sideline a workout. Good thing we found a few perfect ones.

The wrong bra can completely sideline a workout. Fabric friction and breasts moving in different directions is the last thing you want to think about when running 400-meter repeats. Plus, ouch! One in three women says her girls hurt during exercise, and the number goes up with bra size. Luckily we found the right sports bras—lots of them! We had dozens of testers run in dozens of designs to find the best, high-impact fit for every shape and size.

Here are our winning sports bras for D-Cup runners. Don’t worry ladies—sizes DD through F are coming soon!

Encapsulation divides and conquers your girls for enhanced breathability, less boob sweat and a friction-less fit. Take a look at three of our favorites.

Under Armour Armour High

under armour

Gel straps give shoulders a (blessed!) break and won testers over as much as the comfy, shaped cups. One admired the adjustability as well: “The back clasp let me determine the fit I need for amazing comfort and support.” A V-neck gives oomph, while still keeping the ladies corralled.

2XU Reformer Racerback Crop


One tester said it all: “Everything felt secure and comfortable on the run, with no weird adjusting, riding or twisting.” The sturdy knit fabric stays breathable while minimizing bounce. Light breast pads lend feminine lines (no uniboob!) and extra support.

CW-X Xtra Support Bra III

d-cups sports bras

An internal support web, crossback straps, a back hook and a strong, elastic chest band all add up to a confident and secure running experience. As one tester noted, “This is cute and definitely kept me in place when I was running.”

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