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The Best New Sports Bras For C-Cups

We've got your girls covered. Check out these picks for C-cups.

The wrong bra can completely sideline a workout. Fabric friction and breasts moving in different directions is the last thing you want to think about when running 400-meter repeats. Plus, ouch! One in three women says her girls hurt during exercise, and the number goes up with bra size. Luckily we found the right sports bras—lots of them! We had dozens of testers run in dozens of designs to find the best, high-impact fit for every shape and size.

Here are our favorite sports bras for C-Cup runners. Don’t worry ladies—sizes D through F are coming soon!

Make the most of your curve game with a mix of motion-controlling compression and functionally flattering encapsulation.

Chantelle Sports

c-cup sports bras

A back clasp makes this flexible underwire bra, with supportive and encapsulating foam-lined cups, easy to get on and off . Breasts are fully contained for no movement and minimal spillage. The chic look made one tester rave: “I love the combination of support and style!”

Old Navy Maximum Support Sports

old navy

“This style was refreshingly simple and supportive,” reported one tester. Wide, padded shoulder straps, a hook-and-eye closure, soft fabric and flatlock seams make for a locked-in (but still comfortable) feel. The low price tag makes this an extra sweet purchase.

Sturdy Girl Santa Monica

sturdy girl

A compression fit, encapsulation and suspension keep your girls secure with added comfort from a thick chest band and wide shoulder straps. The overhead design isn’t the easiest to get on, but once you do, you’ll have mile after mile of bounce-free running. “This is one bomber bra!”

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