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The Pieces Of Gear We Can’t Go Anywhere Without

We asked our staff: What is one piece of workout gear that never ever leaves your car?


We asked our staff…
…what is one piece of workout gear that never ever leaves your car?

“A pair of running shoes…also running clothes, headphones and a water bottle. Basically, I drive a gym locker—you never know when you might want to get in a run!”
—Jessie Sebor, Editor in Chief

“I have a recent addition: a ball cap. My hair is at a length that it’s a necessity—so I found the other week the hard way.”
—Nicki Miller, Managing Editor

“My sunglasses. Not a specific pair, I just keep a rotation of three or so sporty options going at all times.”
—Allison Patillo, Contributing Gear Editor

“My tennis ball! I use it to roll under tight hamstrings and loosen my lower back as I drive.”
—Christine Hinton, Contributing Writer

“Sunscreen to put on before the run and a SeatSkull to absorb all the sweat afterward.”
—Erin Ream, Director of Partnership Development & Account Management

“My yoga mat!”
—Molly Quinn, Senior Vice President of Sales, Competitor Group

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