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3 Pairs Of Performance Sunglasses For All Runner Budgets

We are helping you navigate the cheap-to-crazy-expensive sunglasses on the market.

Performance sunglasses are designed with UV blocking (look for 100 percent) and shatter-resistant lenses to keep eyes safe from both the sun and flying debris—something your favorite $15 lifestyle shades probably aren’t designed to do. Additional features include flexible frames, temple grips and anti-fogging vents. While prices run the spectrum, glasses are one of the more personal choices you can make, because not only do they need to function without fail, the size and style need to work for your face. Price is important, but so is how they make you feel!

Ryders Hijack—$80

Ryder Hijack

Photochromic lenses gradually adjust the shade factor for optimum visibility and eye protection. As amazing as the lenses are, the frames are sporty too, with secure-grip nose and temple pads.

Zeal Optics Boundary—$119


These may be sweat-tough, but they are still sweet enough to wear to brunch, beers and around town—even to the office! On the performance side, the lenses are polarized to reduce glare and lessen eye strain.

Revo Cusp S—$189

Screen Shot 2016-07-23 at 5.51.41 PM

For starters, these look fast and fit well. Vented lenses stop fogged glasses before they start, even if you are wearing a cap too. The benefits continue with a soft rubber nose clip and temple grips as well as spring hinges that can take a beating.

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