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You’ve Got To See This New Activewear For Modest Runners

With over 200 percent funding on Indiegogo, Oola Activewear is providing a new option for runners who want to stay modest.

With the rise in activewear for women who want to stay covered in functional athletic apparel, there is a new brand in town: Oola Sportswear. The line of activewear was funded more than 200 percent on Indiegogo, showing the need for clothing made for athletes with modesty in mind.

They have designed fashionable sports hijabs that stay in place and loose-fitting tops, jackets and pants that are perfect for outdoors exercise and training. Combining athletic tech with modest fashion to break down barriers for Muslim women athletes. the brand hopes to see more outdoors sports accessible to women whose personal or religious beliefs call for modesty.

The first stage of production will have seven products—as seen in the gallery below—all which are loose-fitting and made of sports tech fabrics. Their current timeline has Indiegogo backers receiving their orders in January 2017.