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We Need This Boston Marathon T-Shirt Right Now

BRB, ordering one for everyone.

Oiselle just announced their Boston Marathon T-shirt, and it’s adorable. Of course, there will be no shortage of amazing T-shirts at this year’s expo, but this one gets us excited ahead of time.

Plus they describe it perfectly:

This limited edition Boston tee is for those working towards the dream, for those that have stood on the starting line, for those that have supported and cheered, and for those that simply have a special place in their heart for this historic race. Designed by Oiselle graphic designer and 2017 Boston participant, Jenn, the design was made to celebrate the spirit of this iconic race: “Boston has a bold, dream big spirit to it and the overlapping typography represents all the layers and paths that the marathon journey holds.” Let’s celebrate the journey, together!

BRB, going to order ours right now.