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Holiday Gift Ideas For Your Favorite Mother Runner

These holiday gift picks can help make the mom/running life balance a little easier.

MBT Meru Black Recovery Sandals, $90

Photo by Oliver Baker.

Take care of your tired feet in these recovery sandals, which look much less dorky than similar shoes. Combining a synthetic leather upper with an anatomically shaped foot bed that hugs your heels and supports your arches, these sandals might stay on your feet longer than just your post-workout recovery period.

Vooray Roadie Duffel, $40

Photo by Oliver Baker.

Moms need bags—lots of bags—to keep everything organized, and this durable 24-liter duffel is the perfect size for holding your run gear, your essentials (it has an external lined pocket for your phone) and maybe even some kid snacks to keep them happy on the car ride to the gym.

Nuun Immunity, $7 (10 Servings)

Photo by Oliver Baker.

In the fall and winter months, having young kids means lots of germs in your house, but don’t fear! WR editors have been impressed by the immunity-boosting abilities of these effervescent tablets, which contain a mix of anti-inflammatory ingredients (turmeric, ginger), free radical–fighting antioxidants (elderberry, echinacea) and electrolytes to help you kick a cold quickly—and keep you hydrated!

Blue Sky Fitness Planner, $35

Photo by Oliver Baker.

Keep both your family’s complicated activity schedule and your workouts on track with this weekly 5-by-8-inch fitness planner, which includes motivational quotes, weekly and monthly goal tracking and a way to monitor your water and calorie intake.

Thule Chariot Lite 2, $880 (Single, With Jogging Kit Accessories)

Photo by Oliver Baker.

This is the ultimate piece of gear for the multisport parent—it’s sold as a bike trailer, but it can easily switch to a jogging stroller (accessories sold separately) or even accompany you for cross-country skiing. It secures little ones with a five-point harness and keeps them protected from bugs, the sun and even inclement weather (and zips up to keep them from dropping toys and sippy cups!).