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Going To The Dogs: Our Favorite Gear For Running With Your Pup

Our top gear picks for running with Rover this spring.

Kurgo Quantum Leash, $25

Running with a leash around your waist not only keeps your hands free to fuel, adjust your watch and press crosswalk buttons, but it can also keep both you and your pup safer. We’ve found that using a hands-free leash like the Kurgo Quantum Leash not only keeps us from worrying about the leash slipping out of our hand, but also helps keep us from falling on our faces if 60-pound Fido unexpectedly darts after a squirrel. This versatile leash can be worn multiple ways for casual dog walking as well, including over the shoulder courier-style, and it can also be used to walk two dogs at once.

Link AKC Smart Collar, $149 Plus $7.95 Annual Service Plan

Smartphones, smartwatches…smart collars. That’s right—the future is now, and dog owners can take full advantage with the Link AKC Smart Collar. Having this collar is like having a 24/7 GPS tracking device for your pet: No matter where Fido (or Fidette) roams, you can track them on your phone. It’s a valuable tool for pups large and small—especially if they have a tendency to wander.

Tuff Mutt Leash Bag Dispenser, $20

Sadly, portapotties for dogs don’t yet exist. In their absence, it’s important for dog owners to pick up after their pets (we’re betting every runner can agree on this). The Tuff Mutt Leash Bag Dispenser is a convenient way to do so—simply clip it to your dog’s leash, and you automatically have a secure pouch that dispenses the bags you need and holds your keys for safekeeping.

Ruffwear The Beacon Safety Light, $25

Let’s be honest: Not every dog will put up with safety vests. After all, dogs are really just furry people, and they have opinions of their own—especially when it comes to what they will and will not wear. For strong-willed pets, the Ruffwear The Beacon Safety Light is a bright and waterproof option for low-visibility runs with Mom. Featuring three cycles and colors, this light makes it easy for passersby to see your dog coming.

Ruffwear Grip Trex Dog Boots, $75 For Set Of Four

Your dog can roam the great outdoors with you, using the Ruffwear Grip Trex dog boots, which feature a rugged and durable Vibram outsole to give them solid traction on any terrain. The boots’ upper is breathable without allowing in any dirt or rocks, and simply cinches down around the narrow part of your dog’s leg using a hook-and-loop system for a secure fit.

Zuke’s Hip Action Treats, $10 For 6 Oz.

Don’t neglect your dog’s fueling and supplement needs as a canine runner! These new treats from Zuke’s focus on keeping your pup in top form as you go about your day together, from grabbing a coffee to scaling canyon trails. Filled with wholesome ingredients designed to fortify your dog’s mobility, the Zuke’s Hip Action treats come in three different flavors to keep your pooch happy.

Guide Dog T-Shirt, $25

One of our favorite dog-related Twitter accounts is the irreverent and incomparable @dog_rates. The Guide Dog T-shirt from the site’s store pretty much sums up how we feel about running and our dogs. The destination doesn’t matter when you are logging miles with your bestie.

D-fa Dogs Moon-Walker High Visibility Vest, $80

Most of us have experienced that heart-stopping moment when our pup somehow slips out of their collar and bounds away, exhilarated by their newfound freedom. If you’re running near traffic, this scary possibility could result in injury—or worse. Brightly colored waterproof vests like the D-fa Dogs Moon-Walker High Visibility Vest draw attention to off-leash pets and are reflective for night runs. Bonus: This vest’s mesh lining provides a comfy fit and has buckles that are easy for opposable thumbs to navigate.

Orvis Reflective Collar And Leash, $55

The super-reflective and durable Orvis Reflective Collar and Leash offer a simple way to make sure you and your pooch are seen on your outings and that if a breakaway happens, your contact info goes with your pup.


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