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Apparel & Accessories

Finally! A Sports Bra For Larger Chests

This sports bra is made for almost every runner, fitting sizes B-J.

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*Courtesy of Run Haven

Do you have to strap on two bras in order to feel supported on a run? Panache Lingerie, a British brand specializing in lingerie and swimwear for B-J cup sizes, has a solution for you. The Sports Bra by Panache is available in both underwire and wirefree versions for sizes 28-40 B-J. Rather than compressing the bust to minimize movement, Panache technology uses encapsulation, which separately secures each breast, to reduce bounce by 83%.

We reached out to a member of the RunHaven community to provide her take on the product.

First off, meet Christina, our reviewer.


Christina MacDougall, Ph.D., J.D., is an intellectual property attorney who lives in the San Francisco Bay Area along with her husband, a computer software engineer. She loves food, wine, running, yoga, reading (audiobooks are amazing running companions), watching TV and knitting. She is not someone whom running has come easy for, but the feeling of accomplishment keeps her going — plus, it is an amazing stress reliever!

Here’s what Christina had to say about the Panache Sports Bra:

For a woman with an ample bosom, it’s almost impossible to find a sports bra that provides both comfort and adequate support for running. In fact, I had all but given up on finding one sports bra that would work for me, resorting instead to wearing two bras — layering my standard underwire bra underneath a regular sports bra. While this option was not attractive or particularly comfortable, it kept the girls in place and prevented painful running experiences. Then I saw an ad for Panache’s Underwire Sports Bra, which is designed specifically for ample-bosomed women. The reviews seemed decent, so I decided to give one a try. I have never been happier! I’ve found support, comfort, and size and style variety! I cannot emphasize enough what a game changer Panache has been for my running routine.

Support: The underwire version provides amazing support and prevents almost all vertical “bouncing.” Panache also provides great horizontal support, preventing the uncomfortable “uniboob.” (Any of you ample bosomed ladies reading this know what I mean.) None of that with Panache! There’s also a hook that allows you to connect the straps into an “X” in the back. I typically don’t use the racer-back option and have had no problems with the straps sliding off my shoulders — even when I sweated enough to soak the straps completely through.

Comfort: While very supportive, the underwire version is also incredibly comfortable. The Panache fits very snug, but unlike many regular sports bras, it is not constricting. With other sports bras, I had to buy them super tight in order to get the needed support — so much so that the sports bra would be severely constricting and uncomfortable. The structure of Panache allows for support and comfort, which becomes increasingly important on longer runs. Also, the straps are padded and don’t dig into your shoulders at all. Very comfy!

Durability: I purchased my first Panache in February 2014, and it is still functioning well. In almost two years of weekly wear, there is no loss in support or comfort. The bright magenta color has dulled a bit, but it’s still in great shape. I have since purchased several more.

Sizes: Panache offers a range of sizes, from a 28DD up to a 40E. I’m a 36DD/38D (depending on brand), and the size has been commensurate with my standard bra size.

Colors: There are many fun color options to choose from, including magenta, polka dot, lime, purple and classic black. (I counted at least 13 available colors on Amazon while writing this.) There’s a color for everyone, and the sports bra looks great under a running tank top! You can use the built-in hook to connect the straps in the back if you want to show them off.

The bottom line: The Panache is a great product — well worth the approximate $68 price tag. I’ll never wear another brand of sports bra again!

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