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What’s The Best Way To Protect Your Ears In Cold Weather?

Coach Hillary Kigar offers ear protection tips for runners logging miles in the winter cold.

NCAA runner turned high school coach Hillary Kigar offers her advice on the best winter running practices.

My ears always ache when I run in cold weather—what can I do?

Visit your local running store or go online and check out the various options available in terms of cold-weather apparel. There are a variety of headbands and earmuffs that will help keep your ears warm and prevent aching in the cold weather. Find the style and price that are right for you depending on what you are looking for. Some earmuffs are simple and minimal, just covering the ears and the back of the head. Others provide more coverage to the forehead and base of the neck area, helping to cover exposed skin from the elements. Look for fabric that is washing machine safe so that you can easily reuse the headband or earmuffs throughout the winter. Pay attention to see if you notice a difference and be sure to see your doctor if the ear aching continues—just to make sure that you aren’t having an inner ear issue.


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