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Brooks Is Helping Runners Find Their Perfect Sports Bra

Brooks' new sports bras are sized at up to a 40 band and a G cup.

Illustration by Fionna Fernandes

Finding Sports Bras That Fit

Brooks recently recognized that women often choose not to participate in sports because they can’t find a proper-fitting sports bra—or don’t know what bras are available to them. That’s why the brand has created a new initiative called A Bra for Every Body.

“We have made a shift to focus on everyone who runs—not just ‘hard-core’ runners—so we are making product for everyone,” shares Heather Cvitkovic, director of global apparel merchandising at Brooks. “We offer bras up to a 40 band size and up to a G cup. Now we are working in the future on our first ever XXL pullover sports bra.”

Brooks has choices from low impact to high impact and recommends women go get fit for the specific activity they will be doing. The brand is committed to making sure women don’t have to wear two bras—a Brooks bra should give all of the support and comfort needed for any activity.


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