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3 Bras Perfect For Pregnant Runners

News flash: Your breasts are going to grow and change—a lot—during pregnancy and postpartum.

News flash: Your breasts are going to grow and change—a lot—during pregnancy and postpartum. Invest in a supportive athletic bra (or two) to make maternity sweat sessions more enjoyable. Also, check your bra size as you go to make sure your fit is correct.

The Bras:

Photo: Oliver Baker

Destination Maternity Sports Clip Down Nursing Bra, $20
Running bras and nursing don’t always go together like babies and pacifiers, but this one does, thanks to a run-ready design, easy-to-use panels and a sweet price point. Of course it’s supportive enough for maternity too!


Brooks Fiona Bra, $46
While not a maternity or nursing-specific bra, this perennial favorite has the adjustability and support necessary to accommodate your shifting size.

“The Fiona is adjustable, so it grows with you. I was able to buy one new size that I used throughout my pregnancy and postpartum. I continued wearing my ‘pregnancy-sized’ Fiona until I finished breastfeeding.” —Robin Gunn, mother of one from San Diego

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Cake Lemon Zest Pro Impact Flexi-Wire Nursing Sports Bra, $80
If a bra can have it, this one does—molded cups, flexible underwire, padded straps, racerback conversion clip, stylish looks—oh, and it’s a nursing bra, with drop-down flaps! The result is comfort, security and easy nursing, even mid-race!



Giggle All-Purpose Wonder Balm, $14
Growing breasts can rub in unexpected places, so double down on the anti-chafing balm while expecting.