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This Is The Best Material To Wear When You’re On A Run

Our resident coach shares her wisdom on dressing for comfort—and performance—so you can be sure to crush your next run (in style).

NCAA runner turned high school coach Hillary Kigar has an answer for all things training!

Q: What is the best material to wear during a run?

Before you pick your running outfit for the day, check the weather! For hot days and cold days, choose clothing that has moisture-wicking properties. Look for “microfiber” and “polyester” when reading the tag. This will help keep the sweat off of your skin, preventing you from wearing a soaking-wet shirt that chafes your skin  or keeps you cold. For rainy weather, consider wearing a lightweight, water-resistant shell vest or jacket. Try to avoid cotton or other materials that absorb sweat and may rub or irritate your skin.

The goal is to have a run where you feel comfortable and don’t spend a single step thinking about your outfit, other than how great it looks!

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