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Our Favorite Hair Ties for Running

Here's how to keep that pony in place.

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There isn’t an image more unbelievable than a woman running with her hair down. Just the thought of not pulling back your mane when doing any activity that breaks a sweat is mind-boggling. Hair ties are just as essential as our phone, keys, and Apple Watch for daily runs. But not all hair elastics are created equal. If that were the case, then plain old rubber bands would be a popular option.

Mara Roszak, an Authentic Advocate for the hair product brand Authentic Beauty Concept, shared for some tips and best practices for tying back your hair. First, to prevent damage, use a thicker scrunchie or one made of silky fabric. Roszak suggests when wearing your hair up while doing something active like running, it’s not a bad idea to double up scrunchies, like using one on top of another at the same time. Also, consider your hair type and the best type of way to pull back your hair.

Roszak says, “For fine hair, a pony is a great way to wear your hair. For thicker hair, I find braids to be the least fussy and easiest hairstyle to keep it from falling out or getting in the way.” A super secure hairstyle she suggests is to ponytail your hair, braid it, wrap it into a bun, and fasten with a scrunchie.

A quick tip for post-run hair care is to use a spray bottle with water to flatten any creases an elastic might have caused. Then use a dry shampoo like Authentic Beauty Concept Dry Shampoo to re-style. Here are 10 hair tie options to pick from for your next run.


A collection of hair ties for running

Goody Slide Proof Elastics | $5

For a no-budge firm grip, try these slide proof elastics that have silicon wrapped around the elastic to get a better hold.

Athleta Mini Scrunchie Pack | $16

If you understand the benefits of that 80s scrunchie look but want to tiptoe into the trend more subtly, try a minimal hair tie in black. These will keep fine, thin hair dent free.

Invisiblebobble | $5

Stronghold and no bumps, this spiraled cord ring is a great band for thin hair that tends to be more fragile, but universally a great option for all hair types. The coils keep everything in place and an excellent choice for holding a bun.


A collection of hair ties for running

Emi Jay Hair Tie Collection | $11

You know when you pull out your hair elastic, and there is a clump of hair wrapped around it? Yeah, it sucks. Well, that will not happen with these pretty ties. Not only do they leave no trace but are a great topper for a pony or to finish up a single braid.

The Hair Edit Ruched Satin Scrunchies | $8

If you have over-processed or very damaged hair, satin ties are delicate and won’t snag or get caught in the pony. Plus, the shiny look will match the glistening sweat forming on your face while you hit your PR.

ElasticU Strong Reusable Clear | $7

For those who don’t want to cause too much attention to their head, reusable transparent bands blend into your strands are perfect for securing the ends of braids or a half-up look.

Kitsch Perfect Ponytail Holder | $10

Don’t let the fun colors fool you, these ponytail holders provide a heavy-duty hold. They also will mix nicely with your bracelets when wrapped around your wrist.


A collection of hair ties for running

Scünci Rolled Edge Elastics | $4

Thicker and with rolled edges make this able to handle a lot of hair. As tight as you make it, no dent will occur, and neither will any headaches.

Lululemon Uplifting Scrunchie Bow | $12

On a treadmill or roadside, these bow scrunchies are equally functional as they are cute. Perfect to re-style your hair for a post-workout drink or dinner.

Burley Bands Large Hair Ties | $11

Curly hair can be a bit unruly, yet similar to straight, it’s something you want to keep the natural shape of. An elastic with a seamless design (without any metal clasp or seam) will help protect the texture.