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5 Things Women’s Running Loved This Week

We are here once again with the weekly installment of the gear, apparel and products that members of #TeamWR can't stop gushing about.

Sparkle Athletic Midnight Sparkle Running Skirt, $35

“I’ll admit I wasn’t a fan of running in a skirt until I had to wear one for a relay team I was on. They say once you try them you won’t go back to racing without them! While I have run races since then without the skirt, the races I have run in them have always been more fun. And the little girl inside of me loves passing boys while wearing a skirt!” —Dorothy Beal of Mile Posts and #TeamWR contributor

Balini Sports Midnight Lily Divine Leggings, $98

“Not only is the print on these leggings adorable, their design makes me feel like a ballerina. I love the stir-ups, which means my leggings stay put during yoga or a light run, and the cell phone pocket makes carrying my phone for music a breeze.” —Ashley Lauretta, freelance web editor

Health Warrior Mint Chocolate Superfood Protein Bar, $24.99 for 12

“Chocolate and mint is such a great, classic flavor combo! This satisfies my need for an afternoon sweet treat, but it’s healthy and has enough protein to keep me from reaching back into my snack drawer again before dinner.” —Jess Underhill of Race Pace Jess and #TeamWR contributor

Skechers Glacial Legging, $39

“These are the perfect black tights at an affordable price point. I love the high waist and the features that you’d expect to find from a high-quality pair of leggings. The design on the leg gives a bit of added flair to help dress these up a bit.” —Allison Pattillo, contributing gear editor

Evolution of Smooth Hand Lotion Berry Blossom

“I’m the girl who never had lotion in her purse before this past Christmas. My friend gifted me this EOS set that included this little flat lotion (that smells beautiful). And it’s been a lifesaver this dry winter! There’s something about this brand that just makes you feel super trendy…and cool…and maybe it’s the fact that their balms are round, but I like all of it. The shea butter finish is just a dream.” —Caitlyn Pilkington, web editor